Absolute Zero


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In 1999 my friend, Fred Aldrich, published a novel about a terrorist attack on America.  This was two years before the attack on 9-11 of course, and as horrible as 9-11 was, it was still not as terrifying as the scenario Fred wrote about in Absolute Zero.  More people would probably survive all out nuclear war than would survive the scenario in this book.  And all of it could really happen.  There is more than enough hate in the world to fuel such an attack, even if the world of the attackers were to perish along with those attacked.  (The book is about a weaponized version of an Ebola like virus.  Fred saw the possibility of these events over 15 years ago.  The book was written in 1997 and published in 1999.)

A quote from the book:

“Those responsible for the security of the nation were now fully awake, more so than they had ever been.  The colonel’s words had bored through their fatigue like a laser.  “If this weapon is unleashed, the population of the planet will be returned to the level of the dark ages, or perhaps even earlier.  The very existence of mankind could be threatened.”  In less than two minutes, they had been catapulted into a terrifying new world where they confronted a threat unlike any other in history.  Like travelers awakening on a different planet, they were suddenly surrounded by a very unfamiliar landscape.”

Fred was born and raised in Chicago.  He began his education at Kansas University, but also studied in Barcelona and at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City, and the University of Costa Rica.  In 1982 Fred began a career dealing in fine arts imported from the Far East.  He made many trips overseas, including to China at a time when China was not so friendly to outsiders.  And no, he does not have any peculiar political views.  He is just one heck of a smart and likeable guy who squeezes life for all it’s worth.  He comes from pretty remarkable stock.  You can read about his father, Donald Aldrich, at these links:

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Fred has recently been growing more and more concerned about China’s growing navy and how it is being used to bully neighboring nations and commandeer a huge chunk of the South China Sea.  Much of this is not being reported in the mainstream media.  With this background of current events and his personal knowledge of China, Fred has written a new book called Two Peasants and a President.  It is available on Amazon in the Kindle format for only $2.99.  Five hundred and seventy six pages for only $2.99!  Unbelievable.

We have several 397 page hardcover copies of Absolute Zero, brand new and signed by Fred.  They retail for $28.95, but our price is $14.95 plus shipping ($3.00 for Media Mail or $5.00 for Priority Mail.)  They won’t last very long and will probably never again be printed the old fashioned way.